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What defines the “best” commercial cleaning service? What really makes a cleaning company stand out and what standards should you be looking for? There are plenty of questions that you should be asking yourself as you begin to consider the options available to you. Here are some good tips and ways to know they are the Commercial cleaning service for you:

1 – Their online reputation?
It’s amazing one a google search can bring up about a cleaning service. From amazing reviews to stories of them scamming people. It is always good to check their online reputation to see what they are like and how they clean. Although its also important to note that not everything you see on the internet is true. Other commercial cleaning services do and have made anti internet campaigns against rival companies. They do this so they seem better or to ruin the reputation of other companies. Its always worth checking through where the review came from and how reputable the website is.

2- Standards of Cleaning
A reliable and outstanding commercial cleaning service won’t ask you what your standards are. They should already have their own high standards that seek to amaze and impress you. They should also never be asking you if the job is done or set a “time limit”. The job should be done when it is done and they should always let you asses and sign off their work BEFORE they leave.

3- Presentation
This will normally help you learn dedicated and true they are. If a cleaning service turns up in a van with their logo on the side and  uniform, you know they are hard working and dedicated. It also shows how committed they are to the company they work and how they are proud of their work too. If a company shows up in and unmarked white van, chances our they will disappear with your money.

its always worth paying extra for better service as you need to remember cheaper means worse. If a cleaning service is super cheap compared to all other quotes received they will most likely rip you off.

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