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So you want real cheap exaction ducting cleaning? Well stop right there! Do you understand the lack of quality and depth of the cleaning when it’s cheap? Paying less for extraction cleaning isn’t “saving your budget” Its delaying the inevitable and probably creating more issues for you. Here at 1st Commercial Cleaning we belive in giving you the best at the right price.

Half the job for half the price
Plenty of times we have been called to a job “done” by another company who was cheaper than us. We have always found that they only clean what is visible and do little else to even get close to a TR19 standard clean. When you pay half as much as the professionals you get half the job!

Disappearing act 
We have heard stories of these companies accepting payment and doing “over-night” work. They then do a partial amount of work and disappear without a trace. Sadly it is all too common and leads to loss of money, damage of property and more.

So they have experience and they insurance, but what about equipment and chemicals? Here at 1st Commercial Cleaning we use thee best and only the very best in chemicals and top of the range equipment to bring the best service to you and your business.

Public Liability and training 
Do they have insurance in case they break anything? and do they have sufficient training and experience to even carry out your work? here at 1st Commercial Cleaning, we are fully cover and have years and years of experience covering all aspects of cleaning.

If you would like to get booked in or you are interested in booking in with us for a professional commercial clean of your exaction ducting, why not give us a call now on 01202 70 50 40 or use the contact us page