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Cleaning can be a a big and nasty task which can take it all out of you. No really. Cleaning can damage your health especially if it is not done right or without the correct protection. Yet on the flip side to all this an un-clean business equally is bad for your health and hygiene.

Firstly, a un-clean office can be damaging to employees and to productivity. If the office was cleaned to perfection by a specialist such as us here at 1st Commercial Cleaning, all hygiene and allergens would be dealt with accordingly. The main outcome of this is that employee sickness would significantly decrease which in turn would help in boosting productivity. This can lead to more projects being completed on time and within budget rather than stopping and starting over a big team with employee’s having days off.

In comparison in a restaurant, an unclean environment can be much more serious. The kitchen is the main area for potential fire risk’s, health and safety hazards and hygiene issues. This is why its very vital to keep all areas of the kitchen completely clean to an expert level. Getting such a through clean however can only truly be done be highly trained and experienced professional cleaners. Keeping your extraction ducting cleaned to TR19 standards is vital for the safety of you and all other employees. All it takes is for one customer to get hurt or ill due to your negligence and you can then lose your licence or even your whole business.

They same can be said for a shop, Presentation is everything when it comes to attracting customers. If customers are browsing and they see a dusty and dirty shop, they will be less inclined to spend money there. If your shop has super clean carpets mixed with a clean and fresh interior customers well be more likely to spend more money.

To round all of this up, cleaning can also make you ill. Its shown that from the chemicals used down to the very physical strain of cleaning and kicking up dirt in the process can lead to illness. If chemicals are used correctly and in the right quantities no harm can come from using them. Thats why its important to get professionals in.

Here at 1st Commercial Cleaning we offer the professional and experienced cleaning package that your business deserves. With years of experience and extensive training we know how to clean your office, kitchen, school or anything else to perfection.

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