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1st Commercial Cleaning leads the cleaning industry in Southern England by providing the best in commercial cleaning services. We supply companies with our highly trained specialist operatives who’s sole purpose is to clean to professionally superior standards. We clean a range of commercial equipment including all kitchen appliances including ovens, grills and fryers. 1st Commercial Cleaning also specialise in full cleans of extraction units including the canopies, filters, ducting and the exterior fan unit and its housing.

As a high level Commercial cleaning company we provide thorough contracts and we are sure to be the ones to complete your extensive cleaning checklist. We use all the latest in cleaning chemicals and technology to bring the best possible cleaning service to your business.

We can also supply you with a full TR19 certificate and report. It is required by legislation to have a TR19 certificate for the cleaning of your commercial kitchen. If you don’t have a TR19, not only are you putting your employees at risk but also your customers and reputation. We are the south’s leading provider in TR19 certification cleaning services and we are here to help. Click below for a free no obligation quote.

A Professional Standard

Here are 1st Commercial Cleaning we strive to be the best with years of experience and expertise we always leave your business in a clean and hygienic manner. We pride ourselves in cleanliness and we have the most advanced in cleaning tools and chemicals

Forward Thinking

We offer contracts of all kinds to suit your businesses needs. We offer contracts for carpet cleaning and extraction ducting cleaning as well as TR19 cleaning. Call us to find out more about our contracts or click here

Problem Solvers

We offer extensive cleaning for unplanned events such as fire damage and flood damage.  Click here to find out more about our fire damage or our flood damage cleaning services

Customer Support

We offer a 9am-8pm customer service and booking telephone line to help be flexible around your businesses needs

about us
about us
about us