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Cinema Carpet Cleaning

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Cinema Carpet Cleaning

Cinema carpets from a distance look okay, however the reality is quite different, these carpets are in constant use and are subjected to food and drink spills what with some of the younger guests. With so much food, drink and other items strewn across it and getting all ground in, a deep and thorough clean is often required.

A normal hover will not make up for the dirt and bacteria a cinema carpet will build up over the years. Food can mould and bacteria will thrive which can lead to setting off allergic reactions in some customers. 1st Commercial Cleaning use the right machines for the job, lifting away all this dirt and grime saving your carpet.

Not only is this a case of hygiene but also appearance. Customers are quick to judge and no-one likes a dirty looking cinema, they like to sit in a well looked after auditorium and be comfortable while watching their favourite films. Having a clean carpet will give off a good impression about your business and shine through the quality of service you want to provide.


Attention to Detail

Here at 1st Commercial Cleaning we take pride in our attention to detail to make sure you get the best possible clean. Your customers will notice the difference after we clean.


Fully Insured and Trained

All are operatives are fully trained and insured to carry out any work on your premises.


In the Loop

Here at 1st Commercial Cleaning we always keep you in the loop, we will even give you a ring back when it is due a clean.

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