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Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

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The food preparation surfaces in your commercial kitchen probably look clean, but bacteria and mould can still exist within the cracks in the surface. Over time this will create germs which can become infectious and will contaminate food which is prepared on your surfaces. Dirt which gets trapped in and around nuts and bolts and on the feet of stainless steel tables is another contaminant and these hygiene issues will get picked up immediately should a Health and Safety agency inspect your kitchen. Contamination is a real threat to your business as not only it will it affect the health of your customers but you could also find yourself facing legal action.

At 1st Commercial Cleaners we will strip down your commercial kitchen and deep clean your walls, floors, stainless steel tables and full extraction system. If there are other items that you want to include let us know and we can provide a quote on all kitchen equipment. We’ll give you a fresh clean start. Our team of certified commercial cleaners use the latest in industrial cleaning equipment and their expansive knowledge of deep cleaning to provide you with an expert service.

Cleaning Strategy

Regular cleaning is required by all Food Hygiene & Fire Safety Laws when running a business. We can assist with a cleaning strategy for your business.

Key Knowledge

Experience in cleaning in the commercial kitchen environment has been key to offering the best service. Cleaning at a time that suits your business needs.

Target Problems

Problem areas need to resolved to save you money in the long run, notifying you of any issues that have been found and resolving where required.

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