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Here at 1st Commercial Cleaning our specialists offer a comprehensive extraction system clean. We deep clean for your Canopy, Extractor, ducting and fan unit and housing. Dirty extraction systems can cause a major fire risk, simply because of the amount of grease and dirt that builds up over time. This grease and dirt that builds up may appear minor at first and there is not a massive visible indication that permanent damage is being caused, but dust, dirt, and grease will slowly but surely start to mould causing permanent damage in your ducting system, which could eventually cause you to have to purchase a whole new system. It is essential that they are deep cleaned frequently and the ventilation ducts are not overlooked.

Extraction Duct Cleaning


Millions of pounds’ worth of damage is caused each year by fires started in frying ranges and other cooking equipment in commercial buildings. What’s more, unless your extraction system is cleaned regularly, then your insurance policy is likely to be invalid.

A full extraction system clean and duct cleaning is for specialist cleaners, the correct equipment and methods are required to avoid damaging the ducts whilst cleaning and to ensure it is cleaned effectively. Any removable parts are dipped into a degreaser. Inside the canopy, any excess grease should be scraped away before applying an eco-friendly chemical solution. The entire canopy including lips, dip trays and the outside area of the canopy should also be cleaned, these are often overlooked and also need to be sanitised. The removable parts should also be steam cleaned and replaced when dry. Having the duct fans cleaned will generally give up to 30% more performance increase on air flow.

As commercial kitchens are in continual use, the easiest way to get your kitchen extraction system clean is to call 1st Commercial Cleaning. We are experts in providing a professional cleaning service for commercial kitchens. 1st Commercial Cleaning services include cleaning of straight ducts of various lengths, rectangular or circular in cross-section pieces, terminal units, grilles, diffusers, registers, branches, which may have one or more outlets and curved ducting units.


Cleaning Strategy

Regular cleaning is required by all Food Hygiene & Fire Safety Laws when running a business. We can assist with a cleaning strategy for your business.

Key Knowledge

Experience in cleaning in the commercial kitchen environment has been key to offering the best service. Cleaning at a time that suits your business needs.

Target Problems

Problem areas need to resolved to save you money in the long run, notifying you of any issues that have been found and resolving where required.

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Canopy Cleaning

Your extraction canopy located in your kitchen should be cleaned more regularly than the ducting. Commercial Kitchen Canopies, Hoods and extract systems can quickly become inefficient due to build up of grease. 1st Commercial Cleaning, provide a professional and efficient Hood Cleaning service with intensive deep clean. Contact us to find out more details about the service we offer.

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Extraction System Clean
Extraction System Clean

Filter Cleaning

1st Commercial Cleaning offer a commercial extractor filter cleaning service and this involves removing your dirty filters and cleaning them or exchanging them for clean extractor filters, alternatively we can take the filters away for cleaning and return and fit them the same day. We understand the need for minimal disturbance within your commercial kitchen environment.

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Duct Cleaning

1st Commercial Cleaning provide a superior duct cleaning service for your business. Qualified in all aspects of kitchen extraction cleaning. Our operators are fully insured in ductwork cleaning. We can provide you with a professional hygiene programme to ensure your kitchen, canteen or other commercial food preparation area is cleaned to the required standard. We service companies throughout Dorset and the surrounding areas. We have experience with Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Care Homes, Pubs and Takeaways.

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Extraction System Cleaning

Fan Cleaning

Fans are extremely powerful pieces of machinery operated by a powerful motor to enable the speed required to remove the air from your kitchen. This is one of the most important parts to your extraction system which if left in a poor condition can deteriorate losing it productivity in its ability to remove the air from your kitchen. 1st Commercial Cleaning are able to access the fans and provide a cleaning service that improves the efficiency of the fan by up to 30%.

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