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The main issue with cleaning your commercial kitchen is making in efficient in terms of time, effectiveness and keeping the kitchen running. All of these issues can lead to wasted time and money if not planned and carried out correctly.

Time, as the saying goes, is money. In a busy commercial kitchen that much is certainly true. Every second wasted on a clean leads to less time spent on the important money making tasks. It’s important to balance it all out to make sure enough cleaning is done yet not too much to take away from your normal kitchen operations.

Making the clean as effective as possible is the most important part of it all. It ties in with the whole time idea, if you spend to little time cleaning an area of the kitchen it won’t be an effective clean. Failing to clean certain parts of the kitchen well enough can create more serious problems.

Keeping the Kitchen working
This one depending on the job can be unavoidable.  Some jobs can be done while the kitchen is in operation while other need careful planning and time management to minimise down time.

All of these pressing issues also require time to arrange and carry out. The most effective way to clean your commercial kitchen would be to get an external company to do it for you. Here at 1st Commercial Cleaning we offer our experience to help you with any of your commercial kitchen cleaning needs. We have years of experience in the cleaning industry, we are also fully covered and trained to carry out any and all work on your premises.

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