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Its almost new year! So why not have a new commercial kitchen? Well not new but like new? Why not get your extraction system fully cleaned out to TR19 standards to welcome the new year with a fresh, safe and hygienic extraction system.

TR19 Cleaning involves fully cleaning the inside of  the extraction system and the fan. This needs to be done as over time the grease builds up and creates a very serious fire hazard that could destroy your entire business. Not only that but some insurance companies require your TR19 to be done so as to show proper care has been taken into consideration for your extraction system. Along with this the effectiveness of the system can be highly effected. This leads to staff and customers being overly hot and makes everyone unhappy.

Another important part of a TR19 clean is hygiene. Hygiene ratings me a lot to a customer and if you miss out on this because of an un-clean extraction system you could be missing out on good customers. Getting a clean extraction system to TR19 standards will save you such loss.

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