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It can be hard to keep your office clean with so many employees. A lot of us spend most of our time in offices or some other place for work. As we spend so much time in this environment its important that its kept hygienic and clean. It should be within our best interest to maintain a high level of cleanliness. So we have collected 4 steps to help you keep your office clean.

Step 1 – Know your germ hotspots

Germs can spread easily in big offices due to the large amount of places they can thrive. Germs that cause colds and other common illnesses can be found lurking all around if areas are not cleaned. There are of course “hot spots” where these germs accumulate more easily due to frequent use.

For example one of the biggest hotspots is of course the work desk. This is because it is used throughout the day. Areas on the desk such as the phone, Keyboard, Mouse and general desktop all can harbor germs. Another main hotspot would of course be the toilet. Every surface in the toilet has the potential to allow germs to breed in their masses. This area should be cleaned quite frequently though the day to maintain standards.

Step 2 – Set the standard

Everyone is brought up differently and everyone has different ideas of cleanliness. Some people are more naive than others and some are over the top. As an employer, Department manger, supervisor or employee, You have to set the standard you all follow. Setting out the clear standards you all abide to will help everyone be aware of their cleanliness. Also with everyone being aware, employees who don’t abide will recognise they are not maintaining that standard .

Step 3- Clear the clutter

Often it is forgot that built up clutter on the desk can bring germs in the masses. Stacks of paper, boxes, books and empty mugs will hold more germs. Also sometimes this clutter can stay around for ages which only increase the issue at hand. Due to this its important that you bring up with your staff regularly to clean and remove clutter form their desk. It also sets the standard higher up for new and old staff.

Step 4- Get a Professional cleaning service

As previously discussed in many articles we have written, It’s worth it to have outsourced  expert cleaners. They will know the best places for cleaning to eliminate hotspots and maintaining the high standard you have set. A professional cleaning service for your office could even raise your standards!

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