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With the winter closing ever nearer and consumers pockets growing fuller, its the perfect time to make sure your business is all set to impress during the coming winter. By that we mean extensive and expertly carried out cleaning. Not only is it a case of presentation but also hygiene! With take-away’s getting closed down due to un-clean extraction ducting and canopy’s.

First of all its highly important to get yourself clean for safety of customers and your employees. As shown in this article about a fire in a pub, its vital to your business to have your ovens, extraction ducting and canopy cleaned regularly and professionally.  If its cleaned by cowboy cleaners they will  miss spots or not clean well enough leaving you at risk of a serious fire. Having a TR19 clean is highly valuable to your business as OvenKing explains in their article about TR19’s which can be found here.

Another reason for getting your Kitchen extraction ducting regularly cleaned by a professional is so that when its time for the hygiene rating inspection, you come out on top. Customers are more likely to use your services if they can see a high hygiene rating as it portrays you to be more trustworthy. In the current climate, hygiene is becoming increasingly important to consumers.

Impressions make up a big part of a customers choice. A super clean and well presented take-away is highly likely to get load more customers. This is as they don’t just buy into the food but also the image that your take-away or restaurant gives off.

Extraction ducting Cleaning Services 1st Commercial Cleaning BournemouthIf you saw this image would you really decide to eat in this restaurant? Would you honestly take your family to a place with extraction ducting this greasy and dirty? The answer is of course no. This is not only a hygiene issue but also a serious fire hazard. However here at 1st Commercial Cleaning we have the training and specialist knowledge to clean your exaction ducting to TR19 standards. Click here for more details on our TR19 extraction ducting cleaning.

Extraction Ducting Cleaning 1st Commercial CleaningAs you can see here the difference is substantial and eliminates nearly all fire risks and boosts hygiene ratings. We have had years of experience and all our technicians are fully trained and insured to carry out work on your premises. We carry out these cleans to a full TR19 certification and also provide suitable receipts afterwards.

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