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Ofsted is a big deal when it comes to your school. A ranking good or bad can make and break a school. In a time when parents are looking for reliable and the best for their children, wouldn’t you want them to have the best too? Ofsted inspections may not specifically look at your schools kitchen but doesn’t mean they wont.

The food standards agency and other government bodies have brief outlines regarding the levels of cleanliness that your schools kitchen should abide too. However frequency should be taken into consideration using common sense. With extraction ducting and canopy cleaning work, frequency should be planned based off of how heavily and how often your schools kitchen is used. The average cleaning frequency should be between 3 and 6 months. This allows for the best in protection from fire risks and keeping the extraction system at the highest potential working order.

All food preparation surfaces should be cleaned as they are worked on. Although in busy and crazy days when cooking for large numbers of students, this is easier said than it is done. Also during cleaning after cooking school meals, certain areas can be missed which become a breeding ground for all the bad and harmful bacteria. As a school kitchen you have a responsibility to protect the students from such harmful bacteria.

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