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We are nearly in that time of the year where everyone rushes to spring-clean their home. What about you? you must mildly clean for spring cleaning? But, what about your business? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to fully clean out and rejuvenate your commercial kitchen?

Firstly cleaning out your kitchen would be highly beneficial to making your kitchen run more efficiently and to bring out the inner shine. Customers would prefer to see a clean kitchen then a dirty and grease one! Not only that but your insurance company and health inspectors. However what you will note early on, it’s a very difficult and time consuming operation. See sadly time is money and the last thing you want is to over stretch your chef’s and make them worry about cleaning and cooking for customers.

Well here at 1st Commercial Cleaning we have the best solution for you, why not out source? Why not take away the burden and let the highly trained professionals do the rest? We have industry leading chemicals and equipment especially made to fit the purpose of giving your kitchen the best possible clean. Everything we do will only help the efficient running of your kitchen. We can provide TR19 Clean’s, general kitchen cleans and oven and equipment clean’s as required to suit you.

Here at 1st Commercial Cleaning we don’t just clean kitchen and ovens, we can also do your carpet’s. We have top of the range carpet cleaning machines to give a deep and proper clean to fully wipe away even the deepest of stains and bring back the life to your carpets. No matter the size, shape or amount of carpet, our specially trained technician’s have been fully trained and are fully insured to carry out any and all works on your business’s carpet’s.

Need something more specialist? Like a trauma clean, Void property clean or even a industrial clean? here at 1st Commercial Cleaning we can be the solution to many of your problems with a large variety of cleaning services available. Why not call us now on 01202 70 50 40 and speak to one of team?