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While cleaning, you open yourself up to a whole host of potential dangers and hazards. Sometimes the hazards aren’t apparent and sometimes they are. From slips, trips and falls to chemical exposure the list goes on. So what can you do? Well as business owner your responsibility is also to protect your staff. Your option for cleaning may of been in house cleaning but what you will find is that this leads to more risk’s and more injury’s. Here are the main hazards which you need to bare in mind for all employees;

– Biological hazards, this includes exposure to all mold, fungus and other pathogens. These could range from moldy food to ruined walls.

– Chemical hazards, this includes spillages, inhalation of chemicals and touching them. Even green chemicals have the potential to harm if not used correctly.

– Physical hazards, this includes slips, trips, falls, breakages and muscle strain. All of these are almost inevitable unless the appropriate precautions are taken to avoid them

-Poor indoor air quality, this could be due to the air conditioning be off at night.

-stress, this is not always considered by some cleaning employers. Cleaning can cause stress which can be damaging.

The issue is that these risk’s can’t be avoided only minimized. To avoid these risk’s as much as possible, a lot of experience within the cleaning industry is needed. This is the only way to pick up the knowledge to minimize risks. Here at 1st Commercial Cleaning we have the necessary experience and knowledge to clean any and all building’s and areas.

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