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TR19 Certificate and Report

Deep Cleaning to TR19 Standard

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TR19 Cleaning – Certificate and Report

1st Commercial Cleaning offer commercial cleaning for extraction systems; canopy/hood, ducting, fan and fan housing to TR19 standards. We produce comprehensive reports for the cleaning undertaken and provide a certificate after the clean when finished to TR19 standard.

When running a commercial kitchen there is a standard to which you need to keep your kitchen held to, so that you avoid hazards, including dangers to the general public and your employees. A company was set up dedicated to upholding kitchen standards and protecting the general public, they decided to make this easier by providing a book with guidelines to be followed to regulate these standards, this book is known as the TR19 and the company is called B&ES.

Since the introduction of the TR19, it has now been made into a law that you are required to present a document showing that your kitchen has been cleaned to this standard, this is to be presented to your insurance companies so that in the event of a fire, you will not be held accountable, and instead the company in which cleaned your kitchen will be liable.

tr19 cleaning
tr19 cleaning

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