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When you set up your business or as you start expanding an important factor you should bare in mind is cleaning. How often is enough? How much is too little?. It easier to go over board and pay spend too much. Although its also easy to clean to little and then lose business. But how much is enough you ask? sadly that’s not how it works. It’s down to loads of factors such as size, use, employees and location. Each building is different and unique and not one answer will cover all buildings.

Firstly, certain parts of the building need to be cleaned more than others. This is down to frequency of use, type of use and also who uses it. In an ideal environment areas such a loo’s used by customers and employees should be cleaned multiple times daily.  This is to keep the toilets clean and hygienic for all customers. It creates a good impression and keeps employees healthy.

Some area’s need cleaning considerably less. For example the car park or patio your business may have them cleaned on a fortnightly or even monthly business. However cleaning them often will give good impressions to potential business partners. Yet its a balance of how much it is used, by how many people and the budget that your company has for cleaning services.  Window cleaning also can be done daily yet its completely necessary. A once a week schedule is also suitable.

The reality of the situation is that its hard to successfully gauge the amount of cleaning required. The shear amount of small and large variables that make up a sufficient enough schedule are daunting. Overseeing and trying to calculate what needs doing and when is very hard. This is one of the many reasons you should outsource your cleaners. Read this article to find out more benefits of outsourcing cleansers.

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