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Extraction Systems – Fire Hazards

The kitchen extraction system presents particular hazards due to the potential for the accumulation of grease. Accumulated grease within an extract system forms a hidden combustion load. Under certain circumstances flames or very high temperature within the duct can ignite the grease causing fire to spread rapidly through the duct.

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Insurance requirements for TR19 Certification

Insurance company’s require a TR19 certificate as it shows that your extraction system has been cleaned and de-greased to a suitable and safe level. This decreases the fire risk and show’s your insurance company that the necessary steps have been taken to avoid a fire stemming from your extraction system.

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Commercial cleaning services in Dorset and Hampshire

When it comes to commercial cleaning in Dorset and Hampshire, Here at 1st Commercial Cleaning our expert team of professional cleaners are here to help. With experience in cleaning all kinds of businesses, we have the key knowledge and expertise for any commercial cleaning job.

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Why food hygiene is important to your business

When it comes to food hygiene it should be a number one priority for your business. It’s very important that you and all your staff understand and know what food hygiene is to prevent contamination. It’s crucial to be aware how it spreads so you then know how to avoid it.

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Why do I need a TR19?

With all commercial kitchens, there is a high standard at which you need to keep your kitchen. This is so that you avoid hazards and dangers to the general public and your employees. A company was set up dedicated to upholding kitchen standards and protecting the general public. They produced a book with guidelines to be followed to regulate these standards known as the TR19.

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Fire risks in kitchens

There are many fire risks in a commercial kitchen. Some of these risks can easily be overlooked or not seen at all! Its important to always keep fire safety in mind to protect your business, employees and customers.

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