Recently a fire broke out at a pub due to their oven. No really their oven. This was down to the built up grease inside of the convection oven. The fire caused 70 people to have to be evacuated during a busy lunch hour.

What this show’s is the pubs negligence to properly clean the ovens within their kitchen. Not only was that a fire risk but also very un-hygienic. They make it clear in the article how no-one was hurt and how the pub sustained very little damage. This is very lucky as it could of been a lot worse. More damage could of happened depending on response time, what was in the oven and also where the oven was positioned in the kitchen.

If the pub had been practising good cleaning habits and booked in a professional cleaning company maybe it would of been a different story. They firstly would of had a clean and hygienic kitchen free of grease. On top of that the chance of such an event occurring would of massively being decreased.

Another factor to keep in mind is that they also ended up paying out for damages, customer refunds, replacement equipment and employee pay still. In the article it also mentions how the “grease was hidden [Despite being clean]” Which is confusing. If the oven had been professionally cleaned that would never of happened.

Here at 1st commercial cleaners we can offer extensive oven and kitchen cleaning service to help you avoid a situation like this pub did. Our deep and thorough oven cleaning services will remove that “hidden” grease from your oven. This will help majorly prevent and fires as a result of grease in your oven. Reducing the risk of fire also depends on how often you get your oven and kitchen cleaned.

We on top of this we can provide extraction ducting system cleaning services. This will also help prevent the risk of such fires by cleaning and removing grease from the inside of the extraction system. click here for more information

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