Canopy Filter Cleaning or Replacement

1st Commercial Cleaning offer an exclusive Canopy Filter Cleaning or Replacement service for commercial kitchens in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

Why do I need your Canopy Filter Cleaning or Replacement service?

Filters are one of the most frequent points of failure in an kitchen’s extraction system. They need to be cleaned frequently or, when they are near their end of life, replaced with new ones. The gerenal rule is that, the busier the kitchen is, the quicker the accumulation of grease. This accumulation causes several serious issues, such as:

  • Cost increase from their reduced efficiency. A clogged filter makes the fan work harder, which in its turn means you’re paying the increased energy cost.
  • Longevity of your extraction system. All parts of your extraction system cooperate. The fan, the ducting, the canopy and the filters all work together to extract the fumes from your kitchen. When one of these is not operating at its best, all the rest are affected negatively.
  • Contamination. A clean filter means less chances of bacteria, mould and other harmful organisms gathering near the food preparation area. The least a commercial kitchen wants is food contamination.
  • Fire safety. Grease is flammable. A fire that starts from your filters can reach the whole extraction system with devastating results. Fire safety is a legal requirement and most insurers won’t cover you if your filters are not cleaned at regular intervals.Canopy Filter Cleaning or Replacement for commercial kitchens

What does your Canopy Filter Cleaning or Replacement service involve?

1st Commercial Cleaning offer an exclusive extractor canopy filter cleaning service: We will remove your dirty filters and replace them with clean ones. We will then take away the dirty ones for cleaning, to be swapped back when the replacements need cleaning again. We can offer a one-off / on-demand service or regular scheduled visits.

  • You purchase a number of spare filters (contact us for pricing)
  • We store the spare filters for you.
  • On the exchange we remove the dirty and replace with clean, which minimises the down-time of your ventilation system.
  • The dirty units are cleaned and await your call for an exchange.

Our highly trained and skilled technicians collect the canopy filters and dip them in our custom built dip tanks. These are filled with a special solution of high quality degreaser that removes the accumulated grease. Following that, they jet wash them thoroughly and put them back. A similar process is used when we replace existing filters with clean ones, with the only difference being that the work is performed off-site. The end result speaks for itself…

Canopy Filter Cleaning or Replacement service

Do you offer other cleaning services apart from your Canopy Filter Cleaning or Replacement service?

We can perform a complete clean of all types of extraction systems, including cleaning and inspecting:

  • Ducting and ductwork
  • Extraction fans and their housing
  • Canopies
  • Canopy filters
  • Full commercial kitchen deep clean
  • TR19 Certification

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