Have you, an employee, a customer or a contractor spilt something onto the carpet that will stain? Things like wine, coffee, Pasta sauce, oil or anything else can be very hard to get out or make less prominent.

There is of course ways you can prevent it being as damaging while awaiting the arrival of a trained professional such as 1st Commercial Cleaning.  while you are waiting for the expert carpet cleaner to arrive:

  • Never rub the carpet
  • Remove any solids with a spoon
  • Blot with kitchen towels
  • Spray a light mist of water over the affected water and blot again

Getting the carpet cleaned quickly after the spillage will help prevent the areas from staining permanently.  Removing stains from your carpets can be a difficult job, but at 1st Commercial Cleaners we use the correct cleaning equipment and chemicals in an appropriate manner to produce fantastic results.

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