Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire

Our experienced, professional cleaning team offer theirĀ Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

Why do I need a Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning?


Food and general hygiene is the utmost priority in a Commercial kitchen. There are so many issues that can arise in a contaminated kitchen, that it is really hard to make an exhaustive list. Contamination can easily spread on surfaces, walls, the floor, sinks, fridges and freezers, and all your moveable equipment and utensils. But it’s not just the sanitary requirements that must be adhered to.

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Dorset, Hampshire

Another issue that arises from a dirty commercial kitchen is that of safety: from fire, to accidents and serious injuries due to slips and trips, a clean kitchen means you can avoid all these risks. This keeps your kitchen running, which in its turn helps with your revenue. A commercial kitchen needs to be cleaned frequently and properly. It is a legal requirement, it helps with your insurance, and it keeps your hygiene rate high, which is what your clients value.

How is your Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning performed?

Our team is experienced in a very wide range of commercial kitchens, that includes hotels, pubs, restaurants, fast food chains, hospitals, care homes, nursing homes, universities, schools etc. They will first move all moveable equipment so that they can access the area behind it and then will use our specialised degreaser, disinfectant and pressure washer to remove all residue from anywhere it lies. From there, they will then clean the appliances themselves from all sides (including underneath), and the area around the kitchen, including all shelves (yes, even the top ones), ventilation systems, drains and gullies, door handles and other frequently touched points, oven door and fridge/freezer door seals, countertops, sinks and of course the floor.

Once everything has been cleaned and sanitised, they then apply a food-safe disinfectant that will keep your commercial kitchen clean and safe for the processing and preparation of food. Any appliances that were moved will be placed back to their original positions, connected and ready to use.

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning by 1st Commercial Cleaning

Is your Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning limited only to the kitchen itself?

We can perform a complete clean of all types of kitchens and their extraction systems for businesses in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire, including cleaning and inspecting:

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Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning in Dorset

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