Covid Fogging Services in Dorset and nearby areas

1st Commercial Cleaning are proud to present our Covid Fogging Services in Dorset and nearby areas. Fogging is an efficient and affordable process that will help you eliminate a wide variety of viruses and protect your visitors and staff. Coronavirus Fogging is designed to be easy to implement, very economical, quick and extremely efficient. Along with adibing by the directions of the government, this is the perfect extra step to take if you want to ensure everyone’s safety in your premises.

Here are 8 important facts about our Covid Fogging Services in Dorset:

Covid Fogging Services in Dorset: What is covid fogging and how does it work?

Coronavirus Fogging ServicesFogging is a very efficient new way of providing a quick, cost-effective disinfection. Thanks to the innovative technology, fogging provides a super fine mist that can reach cracks, crevices and floor to ceiling walls. These are all areas that, with a conventional disinfection procedure, would be too hard to reach. The disinfectant is sprayed in extremely small micro-droplets all round the room and reaches often-forgotten places like keyboards or light switches. The micro-droplets enter the air-stream, killing any viral, bacterial or fungal particles that they find. They are effective even for those particles that have not yet settled and are still airborne. Our fogging machines are fully portable to ensure no space is missed. The result? A truly unbeatable deep disinfection.

Covid Fogging Services in Dorset: How effective is fogging against Covid or other viruses?

The chemical we use has been tested independently against Covid, and has proven to be 99.99% effective in just five minutes. The super fine mist means that any hidden particles will be found and rendered inactive.

It works by breaking through the cell wall of the virus, disrupting the respiration of the microbe. This effectively means the microbe cannot get oxygen, so it dies. Furthermore, the spray also attaches itself to the DNA of the microbe, thus preventing replication. Independent and extensive tests have been performed, proving the effectiveness of the chemical. These tests have been done on Feline Coronavirus, Strain Munich (due to the human threat of using the SARS-Cov2 strain). ISO accredited disinfectant testing laboratories state that this is the best surrogate virus to determine the efficacy against Covid19.

But it doesn’t stop there. As well as Coronavirus, our specialised chemical has been proven to eradicate many other viruses, including Hepatitis B, HIV, SARS and Norovirus, alongside common bacteria like E.Coli, salmonella, streptococcus and listeria. Norovirus and E.Coli are often the cause illness in the workplace- so a good fogging can really reduce the risk to yourself and your staff.

Covid Fogging Services in Dorset: Is covid fogging a safe process?

Yes. It is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-corrosive. The chemical is harmless to humans and animals and can be used even in food preparation facilities with zero effects whatsoever. Once the procedure is completed, you are able to return to the treated building or room straight away. It has been tested against, and meets, European standards for this practice.

Covid Fogging Services in Dorset: Why is fogging better than a regular deep clean?

There are several reasons:

  • Disinfectants and commercial and domestic cleaning products can only denature microbes- not kill them. Microbes are left temporarily disabled but able to regenerate and ultimately multiply. Microbes can therefore build a tolerance to chemicals over time – you may have heard that you shouldn’t use antibiotics unless you really need them. This is because certain bacteria can develop a resistance to antibiotics over time- its the same with germs and cleaning chemicals.
  • Another reason is that fogging is much more time effective- a whole room can be disinfected 10 times faster than with a manual clean, meaning that you can resume your normal activities without any wait.
  • Furthermore, the very fine droplets coming out of the fogging machine can reash places that would be very hard to access (or even unreachable) with a conventional deep clean. The penetration ability of 5 micrometer droplets is second to none.

Covid Fogging Services in Dorset: I’m using an antibacterial gel and I spray with an antibacterial solution. Do I still need covid fogging?

In one word, yes. First off, Covid19 is a virus, not a bacteria. An antibacterial gel or spray will do what its name says: it will kill bacteria. Therefore, killing Covid19 (or any other type of Coronavirus or virus in general) with an antibacterial agent, is essentially impossible as it will have absolutely no effect on it. To make matters worse, relying on antibacterial gels gives a false sense of security which, in the end, may in fact increase your chances of contracting the virus. Viruses require virucidals, substances that are designed to kill viruses. Our product is a tested virucidal, which is used in medical facilities where viral loads are much bigger than these in residential, communal or office premises.

Covid Fogging Services in Dorset: How is a covid fogging done?

Coronavirus Fogging in Dorset - Our CertificateOur trained professionals come to your business, communal or residential premises wearing extensive PPE. They use a specialist machine, called a “fogger”, which sprays a very fine mist consisting of water and our specialised virucidal disinfectant, around the room and into the air. They pay special attention to areas that are hard to reach, crevices, frequently used items, door handles, door plates, stair bannistairs etc.

Once the process is complete, we provide you with a Covid Fogging Certificate with your business name and date the process was completed, and a sticker for you to display on your main entrance to show that the premises hace been professionally disinfected. Your workers, visitors and clients will feel safe and at ease to be in the premises. A COSHH Sheet of the chemical we used can also be provided upon request and free of charge.

Covid Fogging Services in Dorset: How long do the fogging effects last for?

Our virucidal agent is known to provide protection for up to 30 days, provided that the areas treated are not wiped or cleaned. Many of our clients take advantage of the low cost and quick procedure by booking us on a monthly basis. Apart from the obvious virucidal results, these customers also benefit from discounts for monthly repeat treatments.

Covid Fogging Services in Dorset: What premises would covid fogging be ideal for?

Essentially, any establishment that sees many people socialising in close quarters is considered a high risk area. Our clients that have enjoyed our coronavirus fogging in Dorset include schools, gyms, hotels, private homes, dentist offices, nurseries, care homes, etc. Also, food or drink related businesses along with their food preparation areas like pubs bars and restaurants.

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