There are many fire risks in a commercial kitchen. Some of these risks can easily be overlooked or not seen at all! Its important to always keep fire safety in mind to protect your business, employees and customers.

Did you know?

  • London Fire Brigade gets called to plenty of fires that start in the kitchen extraction systems and ductwork of businesses
  • On average there is one fire a day. Many of these fires are due to inadequate maintenance and cleaning.
  • You can reduce fire risks by carrying out regular cleaning of your kitchen extraction and ventilation systems.
  • Built up Grease causes an environmental health hazard by providing a space for bacteria to grow.

The filters fitted to canopies which are part of the kitchen grease extraction systems (kitchen extract ventilation systems) are not designed to remove all  grease from the air. This means that inside the ducting the the sides are covered in built up grease. This is a major fire risk! You should never let grease build up as it will only help to cause a fire!

It’s a good idea to get your kitchen regularly cleaned by experts to prevent these fire risks in the kitchen. Fires that begin in kitchen extraction systems ducting are very difficult to stop. Ductwork is often inaccessible, and fire may break out of the ductwork into other buildings. Damage is often serious and businesses are forced to close, it can take up to six months to recover from a fire and many businesses will never re-open.

If business owners haven’t kept up regular maintenance on their kitchen extraction system they may also  struggle to get their insurance policy to pay out in the event of a claim.

Many insurance companies specifically request seeing a TR19 certificate to ensure that maintenance was done correctly.

Here at 1st Commercial Clean we can offer you a professional service in TR19 cleaning for your kitchen. Our years of expertise will help your kitchen avoid fire risks and keep your business running.

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