Fly Tipping Clearance Services in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire

Our experienced, professional cleaning team offer Fly Tipping Clearance Services in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

What is fly tipping?

According to “Keep Britain Tidy”, fly tipping is defined as “the illegal deposit of any waste on to land that does not have a licence to accept it”. The term “fly tipping” is derived from the action of tipping items “on the fly” or on the move.

Fly Tipping Clearance Services in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire

Is fly tipping illegal?

Yes, it is a criminal offence. Courts have the power to prosecute fly-tippers and the penalties can range from high fines to imprisonment. For serious cases judged at a magistrates’ court the prison term is unlimited as is the fine. It is a very costly crime to taxpayers and landowners as well, with an average of £90 – £180 million each year to investigate cases and pay for the clearance of the affected sites. It causes serious problems to occupants, properties, the landscape, water sources, the soil, natural habitats, wildlife and the environment, particularly when the waste is toxic or hazardous. Furthermore, if fly tipping is left undealt with, will only attract more fly tipping.

Who needs Fly Tipping Clearance Services?

Our clients are local authorities and private landowners. If the crime takes place on public land, streets or lay bys, then it is the local authority’s responsibility to cover the clearance costs. However, if it’s on private land, then the cost is the landowner’s.

Fly Tipping Clearance Dorset

Is everyone qualified to offer Fly Tipping Clearance Services?

No, this is a specialised service that only professionals can offer. Before you hire someone to offer their fly tipping clearance services, you must ensure that they are Registered Waste Carriers with the Environment Agency. 1st Commercial Cleaning (the commercial cleaning branch of our parent company OvenKing Nationwide Limited) is registered with the Environment Agency and you can check our registration in this link directly at the Agency’s website. It is a massive risk to use a contractor not registered with the Agency, as it puts the responsibility to you for using someone without credentials. If your waste ends up fly-tipped and gets traced back to you, the fines are huge. When surveyed by “Keep Britain Tidy”, 47% of people didn’t know that hiring an unlicensed  3rd party to dispose of their rubbish was illegal!

Fly Tipping Clearance Services by 1st Commercial Cleaning in Dorset

What do your Fly Tipping Clearance Services include?

We assess the job and make a survey of the materials to be disposed of so we can prepare for the removal. Then we arrange for a skip or RORO to be delivered on site depending on the volume and type of waste that needs to be disposed of. Our expert team then remove all waste and clear the area leaving no waste behind. The waste is then transported away safely to be properly treated, methodically separating recyclables for re-use. Non-recyclables are then disposed of in accordance with all waste disposal and environmental regulations. Our aim is to recycle and reuse materials as much as possible. Your involvement in the process is minimal and you enjoy a professional service knowing you are doing your bit for the environment too!

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