Greene King (Bury St Edmunds)

What they say about us

First commercial was approached to clean out extraction and full kitchen deep clean after our complete refurbishment of The Cow in Poole, they came and undertook work with quality professionalism and conduct.

We were very pleased with the result and would recommend to head-office for a contract in the future.


Who they are

It’s our team of expert brewers that are the people behind the craft. With the brewery running 24 hours a day, there is always a team of around 25 people making sure each part of the process runs exactly to plan.

Each of our brewers has responsibility for a part of the brewing process – from extracting the liquor and pumping it to the top of the Brewhouse through to mashing, fermentation, bottling, and everything in between.

It’s this team who plays a big role in ensuring our beer is of the best quality – not least through the rigorous tasting process that each batch goes through.


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