When it comes to commercial cleaning of any kind, be it Carpets, specialist cleaning or TR19 cleaning, the is a large importance of reliability from the cleaning service provider. Over the years we have heard many occasions when business owners have been ruined as they have gone for cheap rather than reliable.

So your cleaning service provider comes round and cleans the extraction system as per the quote, but they break a fan in the process then disappear without a trace. what do you do?

Well you try and call them but they have already gone with your money and left you with a broken system. This leaves you in a situation where you have to personally pay out for new fittings. Why didn’t you just look in the right place in the first place? If you had found the right and reliable service provider to start with when the issue occurred they would of been insured and could of come back and resolved the issue for you. Here is a list of things to check for when searching for your next cleaning service provider:

  1. Public Liability? Do they have the right insurance to carry out works on your premises? If the answer is no simply do not use them, they cannot be held liable for any damages they do to your property.
  2. Previous customers? Do they have reputable previous customers? If they do there is no harm in contacting previous customers to see how their care was with this company. If the answer is no, then 100% do not use their services. They are no doubt gonna be dodgy if they have no contactable previous customers.
  3. Equipment and tools? If they are to give you the best clean, they surely should have the best tools to clean for you! If they have random tools not fit for purpose but forced into purpose, then do not use them.

Here at 1st Commercial Cleaning we can offer you with the best and most professional cleaning service for any of your business needs. Sadly it does seem that we get often called to ripped of business owners to fix what their previous cleaners didn’t do.

We have years and years of experience within the cleaning industry and no job is too big or too small.

If you should need any help or would like a free quote, please do not hesitate to call us now on 0800 020 9132.