Kitchen Extraction and Canopy Clean

Kitchen Canopy and Extraction Systems (TR/19 for Insurance)

1st Commercial Cleaning’s skilled technicians will perform a full kitchen deep clean service to TR19 standards including canopies, filters, fans, ducting and extraction systems.

We can perform all kinds of extraction works, including cleaning and inspecting:

  • Ducts
  • Extraction fans
  • Filters
  • Canopies

All of our cleaning work is performed to current TR/19 standards, which is as required by insurance and landlords in most situations.

On request we can inspect and provide the TR19 certification.

No job too big or too small, 1st Commercial Cleaning provide the complete solution for commercial contract cleaning.

Did you know?

A food hygiene rating can can a big impact on your businesses popularity and can have a large positive or negative impact on your trade.

In more extreme circumstances a bad hygiene rating could force your business to close.

Our deep kitchen cleans will ensure that you are up to scratch for your next inspection.

Fan cleaning

Typically fans in extraction systems collect a large amount of grease and as it builds up, their efficiency is reduced and they can eventually stop working.

If your extraction doesn’t seem to be working to it’s fullest, perhaps it is time for a clean?

A professional clean by OvenKing / 1st Commercial Cleaning can clear up the detritus and have that fan working smoothly again.

Duct cleaning

Grease and other detritus gets deposited throughout the extraction system. This is both an obstruction and a potential fire hazard.

A thorough clean by OvenKing / 1st Commercial Cleaning can clear out the mess from your ducting from canopy to exterior.

A professionally cleaned ducting system will help with the quality of your airflow and get your TR/19 certification to keep the insurance company happy.

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