Marine galley & extraction cleaning services

1st Commercial Cleaning are specialists in marine galley & extraction cleaning. We have the knowledge, experience and technical know-how to clean marine kitchen extraction systems properly, dismantle parts of the installation safely in order to gain access to areas that are otherwise hard to reach and provide a full cleaning report.

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Why do I need marine galley & extraction cleaning

Both the galley and the kitchen extraction system of a marine vessel attract pathogens and moisture. This is part of their normal operation, even in land establishments, and cannot be avoided in an actively used galley. In addition, the humid marine environment acts as a catalyst to the accumulation of mould and grease in the exhaust system. So, alongside the obvious fire risks grease accumulation poses, the additonal risk of pathogenic contamination is also present. This is a particularly difficult issue to deal with, especially when en route. It is something that can affect normal operation as crew members may need to isolate. Having these systems regularly cleaned can minimise or eliminate the risks completely.

(the video above is from our visit to St Helena Extreme-e to clean their extraction system)

Marine galley & extraction cleaning can prevent fires

As you already know, a fire is a serious threat to a vessel’s integrity. Even though in modern vessels there are several fire prevention systems installed, the ignition risk that grease imposes is ever present. Fires in ships are much more frequent that one may think.

The fire on M/V Angelica Lauro on 30/3/1979 was a typical example of one that started from the galley. The fire rapidly spread through the restaurants and accomodation. In the end, after 4 days of firefighters trying to put the fire out, the ship was completely destroyed. Passengers were really lucky as they were not onboard, since the ship was docked when the fire started.

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(Photos credit: Neil Whitmore, Maitre d’hotel on MV Sun Princess)

Another famous case was that of the cruise ship “Edinburgh Castle”, an Italian built passenger ship. The investigation report that was published on 23 January 2015 from the Marine Accident Investigation Branch said:

On the morning of 21 August 1998, the galley crew began preparing breakfast for passengers. The vessel was on passage from Lisbon to Liverpool with 1000 passengers and 500 crew on board. Shortly after 7 am a galley fire started. An assessment party discovered that the fire was in the area of a group of three deep fat fryers. Using portable extinguishers, several attempts were required to extinguish the fire, which quickly spread into ventilation ducting.

You can read the full report here. Another example was the 2004 Royal Caribbean International’s Majesty of the Seas galley fire, which luckily had no victims and didn’t cause huge damage but the ship’s 2,376 passengers had to be evacuated to lifeboat stations.

There is no doubt that a clean system is a safe system. What you need is a company who know their way around marine kitchen extraction systems and will provide you with a top quality service for your vessel.

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More benefits of marine galley & extraction cleaning

Clogged air ducts and fans full of grease force the motor to work harder to keep air moving through the system. This pulls more energy from the ship’s power supply. Dirty filters also lead to more pressure on the power supply system. The filters must be checked and replaced on a regular basis. In general, a properly cleaned extraction system always results in great benefits and lowers risks.

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(the photo above is from our visit to St Helena Extreme-e to clean their extraction system)

We offer many different marine galley and extraction cleaning services, which are provided either as a single service or as a regular cleaning contract.

  • Extraction system inspection
  • Galley deep cleaning
  • Extraction cleaning
  • Access panels installation and advice on efficiency


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