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We use our own tried and tested chemical formulas designed in conjunction with manufacturers to deliver maximum cleaning performance.

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Latest news and discussion …

Why clean a grease trap?

A grease trap is a plumbing device that collects and “traps” grease before it enters a water waste disposal to prevent blockages. It works by separating and removing the majority of grease and solids from the water, then allowing the filtered water to flow into the sewage disposal system. Its important that businesses install one as the most common cause of blockages in the sewage system is grease.

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How clean is your office?

Do you ever wonder how clean your work place is? It’s not often that you will sit in an office and contemplate the cleanliness of the desk you are eating off or the carpets you are walking on. But maybe it’s time you did.

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4 Reasons to clean a kitchen extraction system

How clean is your kitchen’s extraction system? Is it clean enough? Did you know that 70 of all kitchen fires start in the extraction system? Well here are 4 reasons why you MUST get your kitchen’s extraction system regularly cleaned to prevent dangers to your stuff as well as you customers

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End of tenancy domestic cleaning services

Are you a Landlord or letting agent? Here at 1st Commercial Cleaning we offer an extensive and full end of tenancy cleaning service fit to prepare your property for the next tenants. We offer a full service of Oven Cleaning, Carpet cleaning and also general cleaning of the property.

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The importance of reliability

When it comes to commercial cleaning of any kind, be it Carpets, specialist cleaning or TR19 cleaning, the is a large importance of reliability from the cleaning service provider. Over the years we have heard many occasions when business owners have been ruined as they have gone for cheap rather than reliable.

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Office and commercial carpet cleaning

Have you, an employee, a customer or a contractor spilt something onto the carpet that will stain? Things like wine, coffee, Pasta sauce, oil or anything else can be very hard to get out or make less prominent.

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