In these unprecedented times protecting your business and your staff from Covid-19 is top priority. Businesses leaders have scrambled to re-align and pivot businesses so they can still trade or in some cases merely survive until as yet an indeterminate time, whilst protecting colleagues as much as possible. Focusing currently and solely on the impact of an invisible enemy to health, wellbeing and business which prior to the new year didn’t exist.

But should we not be asking ourselves now, how we protect businesses and the people within them in the future from similar pandemics? Setting a framework for dealing with similar incidents, creating new risk limiting habits and procedures, rewriting our risk assessments and staff handbooks?

Your business can be at risk and threatened many different ways from many other viruses at any time. We focus now on Covid-19 in part due the mass closures and impact in general to the public ‘lockdown’ scenario. But it is also terrifying for everyone when knowing now the how infectious and lethal this particular Coronavirus is.

But what about the sick days taken by staff every year which have a detrimental effect productivity of your business? The ONS in 2017 said an each worker took an average of 4.1 sick days, with just 5 employees in your business that’s a month of productivity lost per year (on average). So should this not be a time to focus not just on Covid-19 but to also look at the bigger picture of general health and wellbeing in the workplace? Improvements to which can not only benefit our businesses and colleagues but also society at large.

With that in mind including a deep clean into your normal cleaning schedule in your workplace is now a must. Many businesses already follow a similar processes particularly ones with high numbers of staff in close proximity. The insurance industry springs to mind where call centres full of staff are breeding grounds for bacterial and viral infections. But the traditional deep clean, trying to methodically wipe every single surface which may or may not have been touched has had its day.

If the regular news coverage is making you as a business owner anxious, now is the time to take control over your business premises cleaning.

Here at 1st Commercial Cleaning we are providing professional deep cleaning to businesses across Dorset and Hampshire, at competitive rates with no hidden extras.

Regular deep cleaning within your business premises can help contain the risk of spreading Covid-19 and other known viruses such as the common cold, Influenza, Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps, Tuberculosis and even Diphtheria. Working with you we will ensure the appropriate level of cleaning for your business sector is met. Understanding your cleaning requirements, creating a cleaning plan that suits your business needs, whether it is a one off deep clean with our fogging machine or incorporating regular fogging treatments into your normal cleaning schedule.

It is highly recommended that you book a deep clean of your business premises sooner rather than later. Giving you and your employees peace of mind, in what is a very unsure time.

As top-class cleaning professionals we ensure that we act accordingly in our cleaning process, cleaning to the highest of standards, doing our best to help you keep your workplace clean. High Traffic Businesses are more at risk, do you own any of the following: Nursing Home, Nursery School, Care Home, Doctors Surgery, Corner Shop or Take away/Restaurant premises. These businesses are still operating, and therefore are high risk places of contamination. Protect yourself, your staff and residents (in the case of care/nursing homes) with a deep clean from 1st Commercial Cleaning.

1st Commercial Cleaning are a family run business operating on the South Coast covering Dorset and Hampshire for all commercial cleaning needs.

We are cleaning specialists that are certified in infection control, with an experienced team who understand the importance of protecting themselves with the correct PPE Protection and doing a first-class job on a deep cleaning contract.

We use a range of specialist equipment that is the best in the business, equipment that is cleaned thoroughly before and after each deep clean. One of the best methods for a true deep clean is using the fogger machine. A fogger machine can sanitise and clean a whole room quickly and efficiently, getting to work immediately.

The fogging method works by filling the room with a fine mist of disinfectant, with the small size of these mist particles, they remain in the air long enough to kill any airborne or viral bacterial contamination. Finally, these particles will settle onto surfaces (including those hard to reach surfaces) and continue to kill any surface contamination. The fogger will effectively release the correct disinfectant onto not just surfaces, like counter tops and light switches, but also carpet, upholstery and curtains. A true deep clean.

This whole process takes a matter of minutes, not hours and certainly not days. Meaning that your business premises can have an effective deep clean and not loose out on any trading. Covid-19 is a real concern for employers and employees alike. As business owners it is our responsibility to help contain and reduce the risk of this and other deadly viruses spreading.

By booking a deep clean with 1st Commercial Cleaning you are helping to reduce the risk of infection to employees, customers and residents alike. Don’t delay, book your deep cleaning today.