St Mary’s (Shaftesbury)

What they say about us

We called up 1st Commercial Cleaning to clean our extraction, filters and canopy. They came as a team and undertook a very professional job.

We would be happy to recommend them and wish to reuse them on an annual basis to keep our certification up to date.


Who they are

There is something remarkable and distinctive about ‘the St Mary’s girl’. I felt extraordinarily welcomed and ‘at home’ as soon as I met the girls, and as I have come to know them better, I find myself among confident young women who are deeply articulate, reflective, energetic, creative, outward-looking and possessed of an impressively strong set of values.

They are passionate about their school and keen to explain why. Mary Ward’s vision shines through their lives, still giving inspiration and meaning, four centuries on. A very strong ethos is abundantly present in the school, a spiritual and moral framework by which to live: this lies firmly at the heart of St Mary’s, and it is to be treasured. Mary Ward declared ‘No half women’, and I want our girls always to keep that idea in mind, to develop a growth mindset, to feel that everything is possible for them.



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