Why do insurance company’s require a TR19?

Insurance company’s require a TR19 certificate as it shows that your extraction system has been cleaned and de-greased to a suitable and safe level. This decreases the fire risk and show’s your insurance company that the necessary steps have been taken to avoid a fire stemming from your extraction system.


When would they ask for your TR19 Certificate?

In the event of a fire stemming from your extraction system, your insurance company would ask for proof of cleaning otherwise you could be held liable. If you can produce a TR19 clean it passes on liability and will show you took the necessary precautions to avoid such a situation.


How do you prove you have a TR19?

After having a professional TR19 clean you will always receive a certificate and accompanying report which you can display to insurance company’s. The company which undertook the clean should also have a copy of the report and certificate for them to be able to produce.


Consequences of not having a TR19?

Without TR19 certification, you can be held fully liable in the event of a fire stemming from your extraction system. You could be out of pocket for repairs in maybe even held for negligence or worse manslaughter if someone dies in a fire on your premise due to the lack of TR19 certification and cleaning.


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