TR19 Certification

Our experienced, professional cleaning team can provide your business with TR19 Certification for insurance purposes. We cover Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

What is a TR19 Certification?

The cleaning of your extraction system not only improves the overall hygiene of your kitchen but also decreases the fire risk.

TR19 Grease Certification for commercial kitchen extraction ducting in Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire

TheĀ  B.E.S.A. (Building Engineering Services Association) introduced what is called a “Guide to Good Practice” in reference to UK and European Standards for cleanliness of air duct systems. The Guide also highlights the best practices for ensuring that kitchen extract ductwork is maintained and inspected regularly to minimise the risk of fire associated with grease and dust accumulation.

The BESA TR19 Guide was introduced in 2005 by updating the old TR/17 guidelines which were in effect from 1998. In 2014, TR19 was updated to reflect changes in European standard BS EN 15780:2011 regarding ventilation for buildings, ductwork and cleanliness of ventilation systems. In 2019, the certification was split in two, with one referring to HVAC systems and the other to commercial kitchens, which was subsequently called “TR19 Grease” certification.

It has been found that, once a system is TR19 compliant, the average total High Risk Combustion Load Levels can be reduced by a total of 83%. In plain words, this means your extraction system has 83% less chance of catching fire when it is cleaned to TR19 standards. A “TR19 Grease” Certificate is a document that certifies your extraction system has been cleaned to exactly these standards.

Why do insurance companies require extraction systems to have a TR19 Certification?

One word: fire. Don’t allow this to happen to your extraction system…

Kitchen extraction systems present particular hazards due to the potential for the accumulation of grease and dust. Accumulated grease within an extract system forms a hidden combustion load which, under certain circumstances, can be ignited by flames or very high temperatures within the duct, and then spread rapidly. Not only is the duct in danger, but also all surrounding materials at various points along the ductwork path. A fire can then spread in ways that are difficult to predict and control by designers, installers and, ultimately, fire fighters.TR19 Grease Certificate for commercial kitchen insurance Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire

Your insurance wants to confirm that you are mitigating the risk of fire by cleaning your extraction system and ducting regularly, to prevent risk to people and property. This is why they require you to have a TR19 Certificate.

What do I need to do to acquire TR19 Grease Certification for my extraction system?

After our experienced and highly trained technicians complete the clean of your extraction system, we provide you with a TR19 Certificate that shows when the clean was performed, how long it is valid for (according to BESA Guidance), and what our findings and recommendations are. These findings and recommendations are provided in the form of a comprehensive Commercial Kitchen Extraction Cleaning Report, which, along with your TR19 Certificate is what you need to present to your insurer.

Do you provide cleaning services to accompany a TR19 Certification?

We can perform a complete clean of all types of extraction systems for businesses in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire, including cleaning and inspecting:

  • Ducting and ductwork
  • Extraction fans and their housing
  • Canopies
  • Canopy filters
  • Full commercial kitchen deep clean
  • TR19 Grease Certification

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