University of Southampton

What they say about us

1st Commercial Cleaning came with a high recommendation from Bournemouth University. They undertook a carpet clean on one of the floors in the student areas. The work was carried out with minimal fuss to a high standard.

We will use them when we next require a clean.


Who they are

Some of the brightest and hardest working students from all over the world come to study at Southampton. And it is our diverse and inclusive student population that give our campuses such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

  • We have more than 24,600 enrolled students, including 17,100 undergraduates and 7,500 postgraduates.
  • Almost 14% of our undergraduates are mature students.
  • 10% of our students study part-time.
  • We have a fairly even gender split with 56% of our population being female, 44% male.
  • 25% of our students are international, hailing from more than 130 different countries.
  • We have had upwards of 170,000 subscribers to our Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).


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