Most homeowners and tenants understand that they need to clean their oven, but don’t know why. It’s not an easy task for anyone! It takes time and is messy; it’s easy to see why people put it off! However, you must clean your oven regularly as dirt will build up over time. The oven can trap grease, food and dirt, allowing this to build up could increase risks for yourself and damage the oven. If you would like some oven cleaning tips then take a look at OvenKing’s recent blog on how to clean your oven naturally. Keeping your oven clean can improve your health and the quality of your food. Read our following advice on why you should keep your oven clean.


Better Performance

Regular and proper cleaning increase the longevity of your oven, keeping the engine clean affects everything. It helps the oven’s internal temperature during cooking and how long it can take to warm up. If the oven is covered in charcoal and dirt, it will work harder to reach the correct temperature. This will also increase corrosion and the oven will have a shorter lifespan than new appliances.


Healthy and Tasty Food

If you cook in a dirty oven, the food can become contaminated with the dirt from previous food inside the oven. The flavours and odour can contaminate certain foods that you put into the dirty oven. Small amounts of grease lead to smoke that affects the taste of your food.


Ensures Longevity

Having a proper oven clean can increase the longevity of your oven and ensure that it continues for as long as possible to stop you from having to buy a new oven. If the oven is covered in dirt and grease, it will work harder to heat and maintain cooking temperatures. Therefore, the oven will wear out faster and its performance will decrease.


Fire Safety

If the oven contains food debris and grease, it is at a higher risk of fire compared to a clean oven. Grease also causes the oven to smoke which could activate your fire alarms. Sometimes dirty grills can spark and cause fire to come out of the grill.  When food is spilled inside of your oven, this causes smoking and can permeate into rooms and ruin the food that you are cooking. The fumes that are released are bad to breathe in, and the continuous burning of oven dirt and grime causes carbon-based fumes. Pollutants are realised into the home, such as Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide and Sulphur Dioxide into the air you breathe.


Prevents Health Risks

Keeping your oven free from germs and bacteria prevents health risks to you and your family. This allows you to prevent serious illnesses in your home. Leaving food and dirt inside your oven allows bacteria to grow, this can transfer to your food, and then you and your family. If your oven is not working properly, you might not be cooking your food properly. This could lead to the risk of food poisoning and infections, such as Salmonella and E.Coli.


Enhances Efficiency

One of the main advantages of cleaning the oven is that it will be more energy efficient as the heat will be distributed more efficiently with less energy. This also means it will have good oven efficiency which allows for more cooking, eliminating the buildup of fat and grease. If grime does build up, it clogs up the filters and mechanisms, causing temperature issues.


Guarantees Safety

One of the main reasons is to allow you to be free of safety risks. Leftover grease can ignite if it is not cleaned, causing dangerous grease fires and damage to your oven.


Cleaning with standard chemical cleaners that are sold in stores can work to reduce oven dirt and grime. However, these chemicals can produce harmful fumes and cause irritation and respiratory problems. A good idea is to get your oven cleaned 2-3 times per year, or once every 3-6 months. If you are looking for an easier, safer and deeper clean then consider using a professional. This will guarantee you a better result, as well as prolonging the life of your oven. We use less harmful chemicals that don’t produce smells in your home. 1st Commercial cleaning offers many commercial cleaning services, we are professionals with knowledge and experience in the industry, check out our website for more information. You can also take a look at our sister company OvenKing to learn more about oven cleaning.